sábado, 30 de enero de 2010

Rap visual collections Vol (5)

Track list:

01-Dutch - Just Before The Rain
02-Redlight Boogie - Welcome Me In (feat. Rock)
03-Black Milk - Caltroit (Feat Indef And Chevy Jones)
04-Rhyme Asylum - Holding On
05-The Grouch & Eligh - All In (Feat Gift Of Gab & Pigeon John)
06-La Coka Nostra - When i die
07-Cunninlinguists - Streets (Feat Sean Price & Poison Pen)
08-William Cooper - Free (Feat Stoneface And Majesty)
09-The Regiment - They Dont Know
10-Method Man And Redman - A yo (Feat Saukrates)
11-Brooklyn Academy - The con artists
12-Blame One - Disturbed (Feat Sean Price)
13-Recordkingz - Playin To Lose (Fea Little Brother)
14-Dark Time Sunshine - Doom
15-Verbal Kent And Kaz One - Remove The Gag (Feat Ill Bill And Wordsworth)
16- Baje One (Of Junk Science) Computer Rock (Feat King Gutta And Starpower)
17-Fabio Musta - Feel It (Feat Guilty Simpson)
18-Theory Hazit And Toni Shift - Hanzel And Gretel (Feat Lolligag And Juice Lee)
19-Grayskul - Revenge Of The Alleybastards (Feat Awol One)
20-Elaquent - Pixelated Mess (Taupe)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?nzitzzyeyqg

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